Practice Makes Perfect

Although I am far from being a dedicated festival-goer, I have this secret desire of being the go-to “braid girl” at these functions (big aspirations, ya know?). Not too sure how I feel about star pasties and boots with the fur, but if braiding hair is a passion of mine, I gotta go for it, right?! In all seriousness, my newfound love for braiding this hair of mine is fairly similar to this wild ride that I am on. I mean, it’s taken me a few months to get the hang of braiding my own hair symmetrically. It didn’t just happen overnight. And please trust me when I say that when it isn’t straight, I will redo it and redo it and redo it and redo it until it is.

Learning to get the “perfect” braid in my eyes took a hot minute to figure out. It’s so much like me needing to learn to accept and love who I am. I genuinely know that nothing happens instantly or overnight (even though Amazon Prime has honestly taught me otherwise lol), but I can’t help but question the journey sometimes. Being creative with my hair was something fun and exciting for me to do and I guess I need to see this process as a positive one, too.

Everyday I pat myself on the back when I get two awesome braids in one try. I mean, now that’s a day worth celebrating! Therefore, I need to see my recovery as a process of one to celebrate, not one to feel shameful of or doubt. Doubting just leads to more negativity, more self-hating thoughts that just steer me in the complete opposite direction of where I want to be. Like braiding, loving myself takes practice. Fortunately, braiding has shown me that practice eventually makes perfect which means there’s hope for ya girl!

Stay Lifted,





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