Thank you, Barbra Streisand.

Remember when I said that one day I want my bridesmaids in all black everything and chokers? Well, whether my cousin Alex supports my awesome idea or not, it’s for sure happening (love you man!). For me, chokers are a staple. And, dark clothing is always a plus. I truly don’t leave the house without wearing one. Even at my new big girl job, I somehow manage to incorporate my go-to piece with my office attire. Not going to lie, the first day I showed up my boss kept introducing me to everyone like this: “This is Christina. Isn’t she trendy?!” Not too sure why, but girls love me. And, I’m really not a fan of girls most of the time lol. Side note—Mom we may need to discuss my vision of wearing some sort of shade of black to my wedding. We can talk later.

This may come as a shocker to some, but I wasn’t the first to realize that I couldn’t leave the house without a choker. I just really need a moment of silence for mah girl Barbra Stresiand, the ultimate Queen of Chokers (hopefully I can take over her rule one day). Recently, my older sis, my bestie Jon, and I accompanied my mother to a Babs concert. All I can say is it was #life-changing. Of course, she isn’t in her twenties anymore, but damn could she perform! What I couldn’t help but notice as she so elegantly sang her way throughout the stage was her ridiculously gorgeous embellished choker she was sporting. It was like I was looking at myself in a mirror in about 40ish years. And, wow, looks like I’ll be killin’ it. She wore this choker with so much style and grace and yet has zero idea how much she affected me that night.

For me, chokers are somewhat of a security blanket. These last few months have been such a wild and somewhat draining experience, so self-esteem is something I’m really trying so hard to gain back. Because of chokers, I can leave the house feeling somewhat complete even if I’m not 100% confident about the girl within. Of course, wearing a choker isn’t going to ultimately make me feel better about who I am. But, it is a stepping stone in the right direction. This whole process of finding myself is about doing the little things to achieve the greatest outcome. Wearing chokers is the first step….My first step. I feel better when I’m confident in the outfit I’m wearing. And, that’s not something I would’ve said about two months ago. Hell, two months ago I didn’t even care about leaving the house. So, you can say we are getting somewhere people!

Thank you Babs for giving me the confidence to wear these chokers with so much pride. Did I mention I own 28 chokers as of today? No it’s not an obsession, it’s my lifestyle.

Stay Lifted,






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