A Guide to Me, Myself, and I

Since graduation, I’ve taken up a new hobby: reading. I know, I know. I’m just as surprised as you are. Let me make this very clear, I’m not on the fifth book of a series or anything crazy like that. That’s far too much commitment. I’m more of a self-help book with pictures kind-of-girl.

When coming across Gala Darling’s “Radical Self-Love”, the timing could not have been more perfect. Like I will state time and time again, anxiety is real and sometimes it can really make me go wild (and not the good kind of wild). The first few pages stated Gala’s reasoning for her writing and why she got to the point where she needed to create this guide in order to better her self-esteem and self-love. This was a way to both accepting herself and living out her dreams. And, what really reeled me in, was her honesty. She had been through it all: depression, self-harm, a broken heart, and an eating disorder. Even through the pain, she was constantly reassuring herself that she was above it and that she could actually succeed. Even through her darkest of days, Gala persevered. Even when all hope seemed lost, she never gave up. Today, I consider Gala to be my spirit animal (besides my dad of course).

Darling’s intense passion for finding herself inspired me to write things down in order to find myself. Like my spirit animal, I struggle. I struggle with my worth. I struggle with acceptance. I struggle with self-love. But, these struggles do no define me. They’re just my nonchalant way to a better Cwissy. Like Gala’s book, this blog will be my journey to self-discovery. Writing is something I’m truly passionate about and can’t wait to see where this ride will take me.

Stay Lifted,

Cwissy G.

My life gets better every day, because I walk my talk. Nothing is perfect, but every time I practice radical self love, I become happier, I feel more thankful, and I radiate that love out to others“. -Gala Darling

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