Simply Complicated

Shocker when I say that I had this weird and overly disgusting obsession with the Jonas Brothers and everything “Camp Rock” when I was 13. Let’s be real, I was probably infatuated until mid-high school when I realized that needed to end real quick. I watched Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, my age at the […]

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Trust the Process

I’m sitting here thinking about absolutely everything that has gone on during the last year. I began 2017 so incredibly lost. I stayed home as much as I possibly could with unwanted tears constantly rolling down my face. I woke up every morning completely puffy-eyed and wondering how I got to that ridiculously low point. […]

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Day N Night

I once had all these crazy fantasies and ideas about my relationship. It’s almost wild looking back on how overly-naive I was! We all know I’m a people pleaser, and that’s kinda what my relationship was based around: not pleasing our feelings, but always pleasing his. Around this time last year, a local music venue […]

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4 Eyes On the Prize

Hey fans— Sorry I haven’t posted this week! It’s a million degrees here in the OC and it really gets in the way of me doing absolutely anything productive. But, luckily for you, I’m back. So, you know how we all have our own unique little quirks? For me, you already know about my disgusting […]

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So-called “Adulting”

When I was younger, I could not wait to become an adult. Being an adult looked like so much fun. Being older meant you could stay out later, do more of the things you wanted without having to get permission from mom and dad, have more responsibilities like driving a car, and eventually buy alcohol […]

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Sunday Funday

Over this past weekend, my family and friends threw me the best grad party a girl could ever ask for. They definitely had my heart (and stomach, of course) full from all the candy, mimosas, food, and endless amounts of love that day. If I am going to be honest, I for sure was not […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

Although I am far from being a dedicated festival-goer, I have this secret desire of being the go-to “braid girl” at these functions (big aspirations, ya know?). Not too sure how I feel about star pasties and boots with the fur, but if braiding hair is a passion of mine, I gotta go for it, […]

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Take it, don’t leave it

Last year was wild to say the least. And, the worst part of it all, is I forgot that my feelings mattered, too.¬†You see, I have this semi-strange relationship with myself and the world. I weirdly hate people, but weirdly want to constantly please them at the same time. Somedays, I think I’m actually winning […]

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“To the Bone”

If you know me, you know how much I can binge watch “Shameless” on Netflix like its my third job. Recently, I decided it was time to put my sick obsession aside for a sec and watch something a little more worthwhile. “To the Bone” follows Ellen and her struggling journey to overcome the unpleasant […]

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It’s me again— Let’s be real, my last post was not something I was stoked to talk about. I don’t enjoy being vulnerable and I definitely don’t enjoy how everything has turned me into someone I barely want to be around sometimes. But, if I’ve taken one positive thing away from any of it is […]

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